Our Services

Cafrintel S.A. offer is structured around the following functions:

High value added business information

Providing practical information on investment codes, business opportunities, tax laws, logistics, banking and phytosanitary regulations etc.

Brands, IP and Innovation Management

The defence of the reputation and the protection of Brands and other intellectual property rights of industrial and commercial companies, including Swiss, victims of counterfeiting in African markets.

Human resources management for Africa

The search for, recruitment and retention of skilled, high level professionals and executives to support industrial and commercial companies in African markets.

Governance, Business Council and Compliance

The exercise of due diligence or complex diligence as a means of securing transactions, reducing risks and increasing transparency in African markets.

Family Wealth Management

The development of the Family office business in Africa by enabling professionals to deepen their knowledge in African markets of high net worth individuals

Africa Sustainable Development

Cafrintel facilitates intermediation between African and foreign stakeholders - including Swiss - on the negotiation and conclusion of agreements and contracts for adaptation projects to climate change and the green economy.


Who We Are

CAFRINTEL S.A. is an economic intelligence consulting firm that undertakes strategic analyses of African markets in the field of natural resources, human resources, intellectual property, sustainable development and all activities relating thereto. CAFRINTEL S.A. develops customized solutions in response to the unmet and growing demand for high-value information services from many stakeholders



Our network is comprised of global corporations, private investors, fund managers, family offices, policy makers and entrepreneurs. Cafrintel S.A. provides unique access to trade and investment opportunities across the African continent, and our members benefit from extensive networking opportunities, participation in a wide range of high-profile events and valuable research to support their business.

Cafrintel S.A. is committed to providing rigorous expert economic and commercial advice to a growing and diverse client base in government, resources and mining, environment, education, health, water, infrastructure and transport.

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Transport is essential to the efficient working of the economy. Cafrintel S.A. tackle important and complex problems facing clients in the transport sector, providing them with insightful economic analysis to make strong, evidence-based decisions.

Infrastructure projects often benefit from rigorous economic analysis. We draw on the diverse skills across our company to help our clients better analyse, plan and prioritise infrastructure projects to create sustainable growth.

Water is the lifeblood of our economies and our wellbeing. We provide in-depth analysis on water management strategies, projects and policies to help water authorities, governments and stakeholders achieve improved outcomes.

Rigorously assessing health infrastructure opportunities and making the right decisions about investments means that the health sector can better meet the needs of delivering vital services to the community.

Funding education infrastructure and services represent a large proportion of national and state government expenditure. Making good decisions about how funding is allocated is critical to ensuring positive outcomes for both students and the general community.

Environmental economics is critical for making informed decisions about the use, conservation, and protection of natural resources. It provides valuable insights about choices people make, the costs and benefits of various proposed measures, and the likely outcome of environmental and other policies on both the environment and the economy.

Mining and energy resource development is a key contributor to the African economy. Cafrintel S.A.  offer expert economic analysis and strategic advice to help our clients in the resources and mining sector assess investments and access supply chains.

Cafrintel S.A. are experts in the analysis and design of public policy for clients in the government sector. Our policy recommendations are informed by insights from in-depth economic analysis and objective evidence.