Our Services

Cafrintel S.A. offer is structured around the following functions:

High value added business information

Providing practical information on investment codes, business opportunities, tax laws, logistics, banking and phytosanitary regulations etc.

Brands, IP and Innovation Management

The defence of the reputation and the protection of Brands and other intellectual property rights of industrial and commercial companies, including Swiss, victims of counterfeiting in African markets.

Human resources management for Africa

The search for, recruitment and retention of skilled, high level professionals and executives to support industrial and commercial companies in African markets.

Governance, Business Council and Compliance

The exercise of due diligence or complex diligence as a means of securing transactions, reducing risks and increasing transparency in African markets.

Family Wealth Management

The development of the Family office business in Africa by enabling professionals to deepen their knowledge in African markets of high net worth individuals

Africa Sustainable Development

Cafrintel facilitates intermediation between African and foreign stakeholders - including Swiss - on the negotiation and conclusion of agreements and contracts for adaptation projects to climate change and the green economy.